This is my first time doing a spray-in bed liner with my truck. Vincent explains how the spray process works and even show me the working area, preparation and progress with pictures. Very professional service and highly recommended for bodywork in the area! It’s worth every penny choosing this shop. I will be back again with my race car!

Victor N.
San Bruno, CA

Got into a bad wreck and communication with Fanny was outstanding! She towed my car in the next day from my home in Burlingame, kept me updated of the progress and took care of communication with my insurance! Car was done in a couple weeks and I’ve never seen paint so flawless and she drives like a dream! Thank you city tech!

Victoria C.
Burlingame, CA

Fanny and Vince are very honest and friendly people. I brought my 2016 Toyota Tacoma here after being rear-ended in October. They were very helpful, and when they inspected my truck they found more damage that I didn’t see. They got the insurance to cover all the damage. I asked them about putting extra parts on my truck that I wanted to do at a later time, but because of the honesty and friendliness I went ahead and got the parts. My truck came out so awesome , I couldn’t believe that it was my truck when I picked it up. The work is excellent and the color on the freshly painted parts is flawless. I was so pleased with the work that I brought my sisters car in when she needed work.

Adam H.
Pacifica, CA

Fanny and Vincent are the absolute best! After my brand new car was hit while being parked. Funny thing is I was on my way to rent a car space so that wouldn’t happen! My insurance company was going to send me to another big corporation place but I’m super glad I decided to go with City Tech! As soon as I arrived, I thought I would have to fend for myself (which I’m used to doing) but they both championed for me with my claims insurance person to make sure I got my car the way I received it from my dealer. They must have telepathic gifts because they addressed everything I was concerned about that I did not even have to intervene. Fanny & Vincent were extremely personable, professional and thorough. They listened to me and I honestly felt like family. They even took me to the rent a car place and picked me up from there when I was ready for pick up. Fanny answered all my questions and concerns. I rarely give anyone reviews because I’m super picky but if you want to support a family owned business who will treat you like a VIP, City Tech is a gem!

Consuelo J.
San Francisco, CA

Wonderful family run business. Fanny was absolutely helpful and made my insurance claim go smoothly. I plan to comeback any chance I get. Keep up the great work!=

Alek D.
San Francisco, CA

This will be a series of review because I have bad luck with cars. So I had to bring my Honda Civic for repair when it got hit and run back in November 2014. I brought in my car and talked to Vincent. It was the “hardest” thing I needed to do because from that point on, Vincent and Fanny took care of everything. Vincent took me to SFO hertz for a rental car, they even let me “parked” my civic at shop for free while I was away for the holidays days after it was ready. Regarding the job, PRISTINE AND PERFECT. Just look at this before and after pictures (blue 2012 civic). Fanny made a small negligible mistake of not putting the “civic” emblem on the trunk but she was nice enough to send me $90 check for it. I actually didn’t care because my car’s a lease and I had to return it the week after the repair was done. Fanny and Vincent are the most honest, friendliest, and fastest people in the business. Highly recommended!

Jerel A.
San Francisco

Brought my 2012 CR-V here twice already. Both times were stellar experiences. First time had major front end damage repaired. Second time had rear window replaced due to a smash & grab situation. Fanny & Vince are the best and the body guys do great work!

J L.
San Francisco, CA

I highly recommend this place! They really made me feel like a valued customer and went out of their way to please me. Fanny and her husband under promised and over delivered, they gave me a lead time of 6 days and was able to finish the work in 5, mind you I didn’t have a huge body work that needed to be done but my car was new enough that I didn’t want to see the small dents other stupid drivers leave when my car is parked quietly somewhere (city parking). Again, if you want something done right bring it to City Tech Auto Body in downtown SF.

Joseph A.
San Francisco, CA

I’ve been here twice already with my scion XD. Fanny and Vincent were super helpful. Fanny also answered a lot of questions I have about the car insurance and they fixed my car quick! Both times when I got my car back it looks like brand new, they even vacuum the car for me too! (Despite the fact that my car is super messy, haha). They are super nice and also spur attentive. They always keep me updated on the process of the car. I highly recommend this place to everyone, they also offer 24hr tow service!

Gab G.
San Francisco, CA

Great Service, friendly people. a friend recommended me this place to have my bumper fixed and have my car repainted. i thought it would cost me a fortune since my mom repainted her car at another autobody before and warned me abt the prices. turned out the charges were really reasonable and the guy that helped me with my car (forgot his name) was really helpful!
would definitely recommend this place to my frds:)

Irene C.
Berkeley, CA